Creating transformational change from the platform through the fusion of research, grounded theory and powerful storytelling

"I've been in the professional speaking/corporate education business now for almost 40 years, and when it comes to a world class speaker on Resilience, you need look no further than Jacqueline Nagle for both 'in person' and for remote/virtual presentations. Her knowledge and content are second to none, and her delivery style is refreshingly authentic, engaging and inspiring. If you're looking for a professional speaker on the topic of resilience for your next conference, professional development or learning program, I highly recommend you connect with Jacqueline."
David Penglase
Behavioural Scientist, Conference Speaker, Masterclass Presenter

Jacqueline Nagle is a specialist in the field of practical resilience determined to unlock the capacity of individuals and organisations to navigate relentless change.

Emerging from personal and professional firestorms Jacqueline knows first-hand that the demons in our mind must be dealt with to create true foundational strength; she has an innate ability to fuse grounded theory with lived experience into powerful, immediately adaptive frameworks.

An experienced Speaker and Facilitator, Jacqueline works as trusted advisor to C-Suite and Founding Owners; her training is delivered to corporates including Tattersalls and Anglicare, and the Australian Institute of Sport Gold Medal Alumni

Here I Am

The secret within resilience is that it is a paradox… believing that resilience is purely a lived experience and that it is impossible to realise we are resilient until we are through ‘it’ robs us of the opportunity to build the muscle around being resilient. Described as a masterpiece by her audiences, The Art of Resilience is an engaging and fast paced keynote where Jacqueline weaves powerful story and the simplest of strategies to remind every person they too can be strong, determined – and brilliant in their own resilience.

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The Resilience Lie

Jacqueline’s straight talking, spirited presentations are wrapped in bravery, vulnerability, and in this powerful 60 minute presentation she throws the spotlight on the lie that exists in the current fascination with Resilience. Proving resilience is more than a one-time recovery story – powerful, inspirational and insightful in it’s own right – it is something which evolves, builds, and strengthens with intent. The Resilience Lie fuses deep lived experience, grounded theory research, and powerful stories to deliver actionable frameworks which create powerful transformations across any audience. 

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Let's Talk Virtually

With clients across Australia and the USA Jacqueline has been delivering consulting, advisory and mentoring services via Skype and now Zoom since 2015 – and workshops from 90 minutes to full days for more than 2 years.  Jacqueline’s career has included being the spokesperson for business and community based organisations and she has extensive media training – with the busiest media week of her career including 7 flights, 5 cities and 55 interviews across print, television, and radio.

It is the fusion of this experience that has enabled Jacqueline to transition rapidly to a ‘zoom-led’ world, delivering her own and client programs across Australia and the USA with outstanding results.

When it comes to speaking virtually – or simply, through digital channels – what you need to know is this…

  1. Extensive career media training means Jacqueline knows how to command attention through the lens
  2. Several years of experience enables the delivery of highly engaging content and strengthened results in any environment
  3. Jacqueline’s everyday studio has fibre to the building, enhanced connectivity and speed, professional lighting, mic’s and settings
  4. She is completely platform agnostic; as a facilitator Jacqueline prefers Zoom but can easily work to your platforms with your teams
  5. When we need more she has secure access to a professional live streaming studio with cabled 4K capability and full production teams

*Virtual Speaking Showreel currently in production for September 2020 release

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