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Welcome to the home of Jacqueline Nagle, where I believe passionately that it is time to change the thinking. Jacqueline Nagle

To provide the support required to equip every business owner, founder and leader I meet with the critical skills required for success.

To gain competitive advantage, it is no longer enough to have vision…you must be visionary.

It is no longer enough to know how to manage process…you must empower people to improve the process.

It is no longer enough to understand how to communicate…you must understand how to connect and move an audience to where you want them to be.


Because I can guarantee you if you’re not getting the results you want its one of three things:


So if you really want to know what to do and how to do it to stand out from the crowd, and you need a different way of looking at things then work with me – because I can guarantee you when we bring together the right strategy, the right message, and clear execution, you will nail the results you want.

Accelerate Your Results

With extensive experience across professional services, consulting, coaching, mining services, light industry and manufacturing, Jacqueline’s unique approach drives greater results aligned to a clear vision and the ability to implement rapidly. Find out about Jacqueline’s Consulting >

Science of Influence

Understand the psychology and neuro-science of Influence through a globally recognised certification in Psycho-Neuro-Actualisation, a breakthrough influence methodology across behaviour modification, habit reconstruction and mindset enhancement developed by global thought leader Dr Steve Maraboli. Find our how to Influence >

Speak Powerfully

With more than 85% of your future success dependant on your ability to communicate, SpeakableYOU is the ground-breaking workshop deliberately crafted to rapidly increase market reach, business growth and expert positioning through the art of public speaking.Find out how to Teach >

“Being associated with Jacqueline in a professional manner for the past 16 years has given me an insight into her comprehensive skill set and how she uses those skills to achieve results with clients.

Working with Jacqueline on various projects, I have seen first-hand experience of her commitment and loyalty to both her clients and work colleagues whilst being true to her own values.

Jacqueline is visionary yet a practical professional delivering solid strategies for clients to reach their desired outcomes. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jacqueline to any business owner.”

Rob Caughey, Global Mindset Strategist

Once a CEO. Once a Consultant. Once A GM. A change catalyst. A lover of linking strategy and execution through message to drive success, an experienced speaker and presenter and a passionate MC, Jacqueline’s real love is sharing what she knows and can see with motivated business owners, founders, and leaders to create the shifts which smash through frustration, and havoc, to realise better results.

With diverse experience from small business in Regional Australia, building and then selling a multi-million dollar business to an ASX Listed company, creating a leading Industry Relations consultancy, to CEO of a metro-based Traffic Control Company, Jacqueline’s ability to walk into any organisation or business and make a difference was unquestioned.

Until 2016, when she had her first – and brutal – business failure. Realising the only way ‘out’ is ‘through’ Jacqueline is emerging form the firestorms of 2016 determined to help people understand that in fact anything is possible, and that building strong organisations and sustainable business is not just for the chosen few, but a skillset that can be learnt.

Jacqueline’s career profile can be downloaded here.

“Jacqueline was CEO of a competitive business and I worked closely with her during the transition of a significant contract.

Often transition environments can become hostile and stressful, Jacqueline’s tremendous professionalism and dedication to the process, was fundamental in it being executed well for both parties.

It was refreshing to work with a dedicated business leader that was focused on outcomes that were best for all concerned.”

Stephen O’Dwyer (prev) CEO Altus Traffic