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Jacqueline is obsessed with building resilience in organisations through the Founders and Executives who lead them. Experienced from start up to the C Suite, she is a fusion of mentor, consultant, advocate and devils’ advocate enabling her clients to build the foundational strength key to creating the transformational change required to ignite sustainable impact at a legacy level.


A risk taker & passionate provocateur with an inability to stay quiet in the face of unfulfilled potential, Jacqueline’s Strategy Work cuts through chaos to build foundational resilience - translating theory into game plans, contextualising key considerations, smashing roadblocks and accelerating real-time opportunity – essential in the current environment of relentless change.


Obsessed with the power of every day resilience, Jacqueline’s straight talking, spirited conversations and presentations are wrapped in bravery, vulnerability, and an inner strength to deliver a powerful mix of inspiration, motivation, and activation which seeps its way into the core of her audiences creating transformational change through any platform.
"Jacqueline spoke with a vulnerability and conviction and a deeply rich experienced based empathy that it was impossible not to be inspired. She spoke of her experiences that combined stories about life, love and work. While presenting it was impossible not to see the effect these had on shaping her as a woman, as a person and it was impossible not to be affected. Jacqueline is the consummate professional presenter who combines both the professional and personal and does this from a position of vulnerability that will enable you to be challenged, inspired and learn."
Tim Newbegin
MC RIMPA Live 2019


"I started working with Jacqueline after seeing her speak at an event – and at that time had secured less than $50,000 with no forward revenue. The first job I won after working with Jacqueline was for $73,000 with a 50% deposit and no clarifying questions. Within a matter of months the business revenue for the financial year has pushed past $270,000"
Kerry Miles
Consultant/Researcher, FranchisED Brisbane, Australia
"Jacqueline has delivered Sales, Influence and Negotiation Training to The Lott. Between the first and second days of training – six months – we are now able to quickly identify viable leads, to close the right people, and we’ve learnt to be patient. We’ve more than doubled the new sites of our closest peer, it’s a record for us, and our conversion rates in terms of results went from 0.8 out of 5 leads to 3.1 out of five leads."
John Ward
Retail Sales Manager, Queensland, Australia

Who is Jacqueline Nagle

With a diverse career crossing professional services, mining services, civil construction, manufacturing, industrial relations Jacqueline has used speaking-centric strategies extensively to launch, pivot and manage both growth and crisis across all of those organisations.

For 15 years Jacqueline has successfully worked as strategist, advisor, mentor and coach to consultants, professionals, business owners, executives and the C-Suite in speaking, sales, presenting, core messaging, negotiating and positioning, and since 2018 Jacqueline has worked with 100’s of entrepreneurs, executives, and founders across Australia and the USA to smash roadblocks and accelerate opportunity.

Jacqueline has worked as trusted advisor to executives in some of our largest organisations, and with the founders of dynamic rapid growth entrepreneurial pursuits to strengthen strategy, positioning and communications. Her training has been delivered to some of Australia’s major corporate brands including Tattersalls (The Lott) and Anglicare, her programs have been picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport Gold Medal Alumni Program in Canberra as core curriculum, and she has recently been awarded Certified Speaking Professional*.

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